'DKV Globality' was established in 2008 in Luxembourg and rebranded as simply 'Globality' in 2012.

The term DKV alluded to Deutsche Krankenversicherung (German Health Insurance), a reference to the company's German roots as a subsidiary of the Munich Re group. Under the Munich Health brand, Munich Re pools its insurance operations, as well as related services in international healthcare business.

The rebranding came about in 2012, we suspect, as part of an attmpt to distance itself from the fact that because of adverse maternity and IVF claims, it had had to roughly double its premiums.

Against the trend in the industry, where 12 months is the norm in waiting peridods for maternity insurance, DKV Globality had offered an 8 month wait. As a result people had oftentimes had their child in under a year and then not renewed in the second year, leaving the company out of pocket by many years of forgone premiums

In consequence of this the new Globality does not offer its two highest plans: 'YouGenio Top' and 'YouGenio Plus' products to expatriates in:

  • Hong Kong,
  • China,
  • Singapore and
  • Macau

Cover options in these areas are thus just the Essential and Classic plans.

Globality also offers a Corporate Group Medical scheme, called 'CoGenio'.

For Expatraites residing in Germany or German residents leaving Germany, Globality has a developed a modifed 'Yougenio' for Germany product.

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