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Looking after the health of expatriates and global citizens for more than 15 years

For over 15 years, ALC Health has been looking after and protecting the health of individuals, their families and international companies from across the world with a range of flexible and innovative international health insurance plans that reflect the lifestyle of today's expatriate international traveller and global citizen.

With many of our advisors having been expatriates themselves, we really do understand what it's like to be living far away from home or in a country where healthcare treatment may not always be readily accessible.

We appreciate how important it is to have complete confidence in the medical treatment and support that you choose, should you need to call upon it in the future. We also realise that no two individuals or organisations are the same, which is why we take a more personal approach for each and every one of our clients.

ALC Health reflects the diversity and uniqueness of our clients, combining a wide range of language skills with an extensive knowledge of regional cultures and the protection our clients need. Our highly skilled claims team has handled cases in over 140 countries during the last decade.

Our aim is to ensure you experience a more dependable and accessible service that makes the most of our local knowledge and global support expertise.

it's your choice, it's your cover

With the flexible nature of our international private health insurance plans, you can choose whether to cover yourself for the essentials, or opt for a more comprehensive package. This is all part of the ALC Health difference and what is making us appealing to so many people around the world.

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If you have any questions about our range of international group health insurance plan options contact ALC Health.


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International group health insurance is an important decision for any organisation with staff based overseas and one of the key concerns for many employees is not only the quality of healthcare available but how they will be able to access treatment quickly when it's needed.

We can help to solve this challenge for your business

With first hand experience in dealing with local medical issues, from sourcing experienced qualified doctors to supporting your staff at every step when a medical emergency calls, our range of flexible international health insurance plans offer the right solution at the right price.

If you have any questions about our range of international group health insurance plan options contact ALC Health.

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Global Travel Insurance for EU Residents

If you're off to the beach or taking a business trip, make sure you're covered

No matter where in the world your journey takes you ALC Health Prima Travel will be with you every step of the way.

We're here to look after your health, valuables and travel plans backed by the service and support that you would expect from an award winning international medical insurance company.

it's your choice

ALC Health'sPrima Travel plan has been created exclusively for residents of all European Union (EU) countries regardless of nationality and where our choice of world class cover options offer not just peace of mind, but great value for money.

it's never too early

Don't leave it to the last minute. Make sure that you have your travel cover sorted out before you book your holiday, just in case you have to cancel at the last moment or if your journey is interrupted along the way.

  • Need cover for a single journey ?
  • Perhaps for a series of trips throughout the year ?
  • Looking for cover for that golfing weekend ?
  • Off to the slopes ?
  • Is your trip for Business or Pleasure ?
  • Are you travelling to Europe or further afield ?

With ALC PRIMA Travel You're Covered

Choice of TWO Comprehensive Core Plans

Trip Cancellation

Trip Curtailment

Missed Connections

Emergency Medical Expenses

Additional Hospital Benefit

Personal Accident Cover

Emergency Medical Expenses

Baggage & Personal Belongings


Loss of Passport / Driving License Expenses

Working Abroad

Personal Liability

Legal Expenses

Replacement Business Associate (Gold plan)

Optional Winter Sports package

Optional Golf package

our most comprehensive plan

A benefit rich plan with an extensive range of medical treatments with the option of five levels of routine pregnancy and childbirth care, routine and restorative dental treatment and evacuation or repatriation cover.

The table of benefits should be read in conjunction with the full plan policy terms and conditions

flexible and comprehensive

Our traditional comprehensive plan combining in-patient & day-patient treatment with the option to add out-patient treatment, routine pregnancy and childbirth care, dental treatment and evacuation or repatriation services.

The table of benefits should be read in conjunction with the full plan policy terms and conditions

christian louboutineveryday international cover

Covering the essential costs of in-patient, day-patient and out-patient treatment with the option to add routine pregnancy and childbirth care, routine dental treatment and evacuation or repatriation services.

The table of benefits should be read in conjunction with the full plan policy terms and conditions

Underwriting Terms

Our ALC Health Prima plans are available to individuals and companies (except Prima Iberica) and offer a choice of underwriting terms, areas of cover and benefits.

When applying for a policy with ALC Health, you will be asked to provide some basic information to enable us to assess the appropriate annual premium for the cover you have chosen and the medical underwriting terms that will be applied.

Moratorium (MORI)

With this option, we ask you to give only basic information about yourself and any members of your family you wish to insure. We will not ask you to give details of your medical history, but it relies on you to understand that we will not cover treatment of any medical condition which was in existence at any time during the five years immediately before your policy started or treatment of a specified related condition to a pre-existing condition.
This relates not only to those conditions for which you had already received a firm diagnosis but also to treatment of any medical condition for which you actually had symptoms, even though no diagnosis had been attached to those symptoms. All that matters is that you know, or ought reasonably to have known, that something was wrong even if you had not consulted a doctor.
• After that two year period has elapsed, if you need treatment for those medical conditions which were not covered in the first two years then you will be able to claim; but only if you have not had any medical treatment or any medical advice, or taken any drugs or medicine, or followed any special diets in respect of those pre-existing medical conditions for the period of two consecutive years immediately before the need for treatment starts.
• If you have had any such treatment for the pre-existing condition within the period of two years then you won’t be able to claim for that medical condition or any specified related conditions in the circumstances shown above until you have gone for a period of two consecutive years without any treatment or advice or help or drugs.
• There are some medical conditions – those which continue or keep recurring – for which you will never be able to make a claim. This is because you will always need to have medical advice or take medication and therefore you will never be able to go for the period of two consecutive years without advice or medication.
Please note that there are some medical conditions that may be completely excluded from cover for all time.

Full Medical Underwriting (FMU)

If you’d prefer, you can tell us about your medical history and we will use that to decide whether or not we can cover you for any past diagnosis or medical condition. You can then decide whether or not to continue to purchase the policy with these specific conditions.

After two consecutive years of membership where you have not had any trouble from the specified conditions, you can ask for them to be reviewed and included as part of your cover. Please note that there are some medical conditions that may be completely excluded from cover for all time.

Continuation of Personal Medical Exclusions (CPME)

This option is available to both individuals and groups transferring from a fully underwritten or moratorium policy with another insurer. If you join this plan on the basis of ‘continuation of medical exclusions’, this means that we will transfer any medical underwriting terms for medical conditions you had before joining that previous insurer to your new policy.
It is important to remember, however, that this relates only to the specific underwriting terms. Your policy will be subject to our general terms including the exclusions and benefit limitations, which you will find in the Policy Wording.
Continuation of medical exclusions only applies at the point of switching to ALC Health and subsequent new joiners must be underwritten. If a group has selected ‘medical history disregarded’ underwriting with their current provider and wishes to continue on this basis with ALC Health, they should consider our ‘medical history disregarded’ option.

Medical History Disregarded (MHD)

This option - the most expensive and only available to groups covering more than 10 employees - allows members to be enrolled without any exclusions relating to their previous medical history. Your policy will be subject to our general terms including the exclusions and limitations which you will find in our policy wordin

underwriting details

because everyone is different

We have created four core benefit options that offer the choice and flexibility that you demand. From our most comprehensive package through to a more selective plan for anyone looking for great value, our Prima plans offer a flexible approach to international medical insurance.

Take a closer look at the range of benefits that each plan offers to see which plan would suit your lifestyle and your budget.

You can even customise your plan by choosing a different excess level, selecting a different area of cover and even adding optional benefits.

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