Tenant Libility

In Hong Kong, landlords will often foist onto clients,, responsibilitiis that you may expect should be the prooerty owners.

Commonly for example, lease agreements make the tenant responsible for say windows that blow out in a storm.

The options here are to add to your home contents, some estimate of the replacement cost of the windows. Finding a realistic cost for such replacement is not an easy task! The monthly paid AXA New Settlers and Captains Home plans address this by including up to HKD5m in cover for such situations.

Many of the local home plans exclude cover for damage to the rented property, caused through a tenant's negligence. See for example the exclusion in the FWD home policy.

Other policies will cover a tenant's liability to the landlord, but only in cases where negligence is involved .. see the example of the cover in the AXA Art and Cirlces (Lloyds) 'Assets' policy.

Example of an exclusion from FWD's Easy HomeCare policy... This is not unique to FWD but is common to many HK home insurance policies.

Example of Liability cover for you as a tenant

underwriting details

comparison details

The AXA Captains and New Setters are unique in offering this cover.. as far as we know!


Circles cover in its 'Assets' policy for tenant liability is provided as per the paragraph below:

MSIG's extension to protect your liability as a tenant, as follows

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