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'Student Travel' or 'Overseas Student Insurance' is a comprehensive insurance policy tailored to protect students while they are studying abroad.

Such plans cover a full year, whereas the typical travel plan in Hong Kong will only cover at most, 90 days for a trip, if it is an annual policy and 180 days for a trip if it is a single trip policy.

In addition to cover for such things as medical expenses, Student travel plans will normally also include cover for study interruption, study cancellation and tuition fees.

Furthermore, there will often as well be cover that includes a students involvement in an internship or placement programme and travel to other countries to take part in sports or charity projects during their study.

Some plans moreover will provide cover for family members to travel and be provide hotel accommodation for the funeral of a deceased student.

Some polcies also cover for some continuation of course fees if a parent dies by accident or becomes disabled.

In terms of the medical insurance provided by such plans, the key disadvantage is that they are yearly renewable and if a student suffers from an accident or ongoing illness, there is a high chance the insurer will not renew the cover.

We have seen parents who have taken Student Travel insurance or chosen to rely on a schools medical programme and then come to regret the short term nature of such plans if their child has a motor accident or begins to suffer from stress and need ongoing care.

See the tabs above for an introduction to a variety of plans and talk to us about your priorities. We love to help.

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