Public Liability

A Public Liability (PL) policy covers liability in respect of:

  • death,
  • injury or
  • property damage

that is not insurable by specialized liability insurances such as:

  • Motor insurance,
  • Employees' Compensaiton insurance,
  • Products liability insurance or professional indemnity insurance.

The intention of this insurance is to to cover your legal liability (sometimes expressed as “liability at law”) in respect of accidents occurring during the policy year.

Not only do PL policies cover third party injury and property damage liability, but they also covers legal expenses incurred in defending or resisting such claims.

PL policies are usually subject to a limit of liability, which applies for any one claim (and sometimes for any one insurance year.

Legal expenses are usually payable in addition to the limit of liability.

Most commonly you will find Public Liabiltiy cover wiithin a motor, home, office or travel insurance policy. It is not so common to find it available even as a stand alone product.

Our clients who purchase public liability insurance on its own, are oftentimes fitness coaches or sports instructors.

Common exclusions in a PL Policy are:

  1. Accidents occurring outside the specified geographical area . Also, by virtue of the typical jurisdiction clause, claims are restricted to those subject to the legal jurisdiction of Hong Kong.
  2. Other types of policies covering liability risks.
  3. Contractual liability
  4. War, nuclear risks, etc.

Premium basis

The premium may be adjustable, i.e. based upon a variable factor, such things as wages or turnover

In cases like this you would pay a provisional premium initially, and then at the end of the policy year you would makea declaration as to the actual wages or turnover and so the final premium would be adjusted accordingly.

More commonly in Hong Kong PL policies are charged according to a flat rate. With these, the insurer accepts the projected wageroll/turnover as the final figure, so that no additional or refund premium has to be considered.

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