Pleasure Craft

The law in Hong Kong states that all pleasurecraft owners must take out Third Party Liability insurance of at least HKD 5m.

Regarding Comprehensive insurance, you will typically find that after a boat is 10 years old or more, you will need to provide the results of a marine survey.

Zurich's "Helmsman Blue", plain English pleasure craft insurance expands on the Institute Yacht Clauses, not only safeguarding you from financial loss due to theft, malicious damage, latent defect, repairer's negligence, third party liability, fire, heavy weather, lightning, or piracy, but also providing a range of extra coverages.

Helmsman Blue Product Highlights

  • "new for old" replacement on mechanical and electrical parts of a motor that is less than 5 years old,
  • Covers loss, damage or theft of specified contents, personal possessions or sporting equipment,
  • Covers relocation, salvage, search, vessel inspection, and motor cleaning expenses when your pleasure craft is lost, damaged or in distress,
  • Coverage on social racing for yachts,
  • Coverage on voluntary rescue work,
  • Covers personal accidents, including those that result in temporary or permanent disablement or death,
  • Any deductibles in claim will not be applied when your craft is damaged whilst berthed at her usual marina,
  • Other useful optional coverage is provided for your selection

Optional Coverages for:

  • Liability for injury/property damage resulting from waterskiing or aquaplaning
  • racing - with automatic cover for social races
  • equipment and machinery breakdown
  • trailer and transit risks
  • loss or damage to a private berth

For more information on this and other pleasurecraft policies, contact Robin Bronwn at Navigator - robin.brown@navigator-insurance.com Tel 2530 2530

You can complete the application form for one company and we will use this information to source additional quotes from other companies.

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