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Throughout the world, the desvastation that continues to be wrought by Covid 19 is affecting the livlihoods of the airline, travel and many other industries.

What was once seen as a career fro life is now being called into question as pilots, cabin crew and ground staff are all facing a new future, possibly in other lines of work.

Most evident to many is the need to take greater control over their own desitinies and to become less reliant on benefits provided by an employer.

This especially relates to medical benefits.

In today's Covid world, pilots, flight crew and all those engaged in the airline / travel industry are increasingly looking to take control of their own medical insurance.

There are many options available. We highlight here a couple of the options that our clients are finding especially valuable, but there are others.

For a discussion on some options, do contact :

Tel (+852) 2530 2530

Email crew@navigator-insurance.com

The managing agents,

- UK based: 'ALC' & Expatraite Healthcare

- Hong Kong based: 'April' and

- Cocos and Keeling Isands based: 'Vumi'

are all offering medical insurance on favourable terms to pilots and aircrew.

Uniquely April's offer is to anyone involved in the airline industry and they offer 50% coinsurance, making the plan very attractive to those who already have some underlying insurance.

ALC, a UK based Managing Agent providing medical insurance via Lloyds, offers a medical insurance plan, called 'Flying Colours', which has been designed for pilots, cabin crew and their families.

Cover for availble to anyone who holds a commercial pilots licence, or cabin crew qualifications.

There is the choice of three levels of cover:

  • Classic,
  • Premier, or
  • Platinum.

These plans are available WITH LIMITED MEDICAL UNDERWRITING for policyholders and their dependants.

The medical questions asked are as below:

  1. To the best of your knowledge, in the past 5 years has any member on this scheme been diagnosed with, or received any form of treatment/consultation for a heart condition, cancer or been signed off work for any medical reason for a period of more than two weeks?
  2. To the best of your knowledge, does any member of this policy have any medical condition that is likely to result in the need for an in-patient stay in hospital?

By 'treatment' ALC mean surgical or medical intervention including drugs (both organic and synthetic) prescribed by a medical practitioner/specialist, that are needed to diagnose, relieve or cure a disease, illness or injury.

A specialist is any doctor, including psychiatrist who is not your usual practitioner.

If you answer ' yes'. to either of the above, ALC will offer Moratorium Underwriting

'Moratorium Underwritin, means :

Any medical condition or specified related condition for which you :

  • have received medical treatment,
  • had signs or symptoms (whether investigated or not) or
  • sought advice in the 5 years prior to your date of entry (pre-existing medical condition) will be excluded.

However, after a continuous period of 2 years as an insured person, all pre-existing conditions will become eligible for benefit provided you have not:

a. consulted a medical practitioner or specialist for medical treatment or advice; or

b. suffered signs or symptoms; or

c. taken medication (including drugs, medicines, special diets or injections) for that condition for a continuous period of two years after the date of entry.

If your pre-existing condition is one of those shown below, ALC will also exclude treatment for the specified related conditions shown:

• Arterial disease

• Cataract

• Diabetes

• Diabetic retinopathy

• Diabetic renal disease

• Ischaemic heart disease

• Stroke / are currently undergoing treatment for raised blood pressure (hypertension)

• Raised blood pressure (hypertension)

• Hypertensive renal failure are under investigation,

• Prostate disorders / having treatment or undergoing monitoring as a result of a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test

The plan options are as indicted below:

If you would like a quote or like to know more about the options with ALC, do get in touch.

Tel (+852) 2530 2530

Email crew@navigator-insurance.com

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For anyone employed in the airline industry in Hong Kong Prior to 30/9/2020 or subsequently, the managing agent 'April International', (April) will offer its popular individual 'MyHealth' plan, at a 10% discount.

Myhealth offers 3 levels of cover, as summarized below:

MyHealth is underwritten by 'Liberty International Insurance Ltd' in Hong Kong.

As a special concession to airline employees, April's Aviation Industry plan, offers the option to your reduce premium, in return for your claiming only half the eligible bill.. This means you or another insurance company will be responsible to meet the remaining 50% of the bill. (This option of 50% co-insurance can apply to inpatient and or outpatient claims)

The offer is open to those employed as well as their families. To prove you were or are employed, April will request you last 3 payslips.

If you are a pilot/aircrew and are 'fit to fly' , ie “fit to conduct full flying duties and hold a valid HKCAD Class 1 Medical Assessment (as defined in Annex 1 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation” April asks just 4 questions.

For those who are not fit to fly or family members, April requires you to fill out a medical questionnaire and disclose your health history.

Questions? Contact Ms Romi Gill or Mr Clive Wolstencroft on 852 2530 2530 email crew@nvigator-insurance.com

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Strategic Insurance Services Ltd, t/as Expatriate Healthcare (Expat Healthcare) UK, is a broker and coverholder at Lloyds.

Cover is available up until age 65 for new joiners and there is no cover provided for any pre-existing Conditions, except where the member or dependent has been: symptomatic, treatment and advice free; for a period of not less than 24 consecutive months following the start of the policy.

Cover is valid for as long as the member is an expatriate and comes with an innovative no claim bonus system, that can reduce premiums a further 20% if claim free for 3 years.

Questions? Contact Ms Romi Gill or Mr Clive Wolstencroft on 852 2530 2530 email crew@navigator-insurance.com

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VUMI Baymac Pilot VIP plan - Dubai / Cocos Islands

This is a programme promoted by a Dallas US based aviation consultancy company, called ‘Baymac Management Services Ltd.

Initially their focus on providing medical cover to expatriate pilots, cabin crew, and aircraft engineers . Subsequently Baymac were able to extend to include aviation managers, staff and their families. From what we can gather, the insurer ‘Vumi Worldwide’ is based in the Cocos and Keeling Islands has revenues of the order of USD200m. Its roots are in Latin America, Africa and places like Thailand and India, where it provides quality ‘offshore’ medical products to both local nationals and expatriates alike.

The Baymac scheme offers guaranteed cover, apart from some waiting periods.. Ie: Maternity -12 months, Mental and nervous conditions - 18 months, HIV-AIDS - 24 months, Pre-existing Conditions - 12 months.

It also offers attractive pricing, not charging for children under 11 nor for more than 3 in a family. A further attraction is the fact that VUMI sells to the world and is not concerned about whether you are a local or an expatriate.

There are some stringent regualations regarding hospital admission which need to be strictly followed if you do not want your reimbursement to be cut 30%

Coverage stops at age 75.

The closest support centre is in Dubai, where VUMI has an administrator.

Questions? Contact Ms Romi Gill or Mr Clive Wolstencroft on 852 2530 2530 email crew@nvigator-insurance.com

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To members of the Hong Kong Aircrew and Officers Association, we offer the 'The Airecrew Global Health Plan' , with three levels of cover:

  • Essential (Plan III)
  • Special (Plan II )
  • Exclusive (Plan I)

These plans are available WITHOUT MEDICAL UNDERWRITING.

The insurer is the Luxembourg based insurer called 'Foyer Sante SA'.

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'Foyer' has been in the group market since the late 1990s and entered the individual market in 2014. It counts among its clients the 'Who's Who' of international companies, with their headquarters in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. (For more information on Foyer.. see 'Foyer' in insurers section.)

As a company we in Navigator use Foyer for our own medical insurance and can vouch from first hand experience as to their reliability in paying claims.

To Find out more about this Navigator Exclusive offer:

Contact Us - Tel +852 2530 2530

email: crew@navigator-insurance.com

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Pilots flight crew and all those engaged in the airline/travel industry are increasingly looking to take control of their own medical insurance.

Whereas in the past one may have been content to substantially rely on cover provided by one's employer, today's Covid world means you have to question such reliance.

Even for those fortunate enough to retain their employment, it is highly likely that any benefits you do receive from your company will be cut and compromised in some way.

At Navigator, we see ourselves in. support role, helping 'Captains' / people who know what they want and need, to get exactly that.

As consumers of insurance ourselves, we also experience how companies actually look after their clients, once the purchase is made.

So please give us a call / email us and let us know your situation and what it is you are looking for?

- Ms Romi Gill - Tel +852 25302530

- Mr Clive Wolstencroft Tel +45 60133355


Flight Crew Global Health

Please see entry under Foyer - Flight Crew Global Health for details of the programme for members of the "International Flight Crew Assistance (Luxembourg) a.s.b.l -IFCA " affinity group..

Questions? Contact Ms Romi Gill or Mr Clive Wolstencroft on 852 2530 2530 email crew@nvigator-insurance.com

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