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Motor Trade Insurance is different from general private car insurance. It is designed to protect Motor traders and their employees (drivers) from any legal liability like third party property damage, bodily injury or death when driving a car to demonstrate to customers for motor trading purposes. There are both Comprehensive and Third Party coverage for Motor Trade Insurance in HK. Motor dealers, second hand motor traders, motor garages or motor repair centres are the right prospects for Motor Trade Insurance. This is a special type of insurance which is not offered by all insurance companies in HK. Only a few insurance companies are interested to provide this Motor Trade Insurance policy.

There are two types of Motor Trade Insurance.

1) T-Plate Motor Trade Insurance

2) Named Driver Motor Trade Insurance

T-Plate stands for Trade Plate. Motor traders have a registered trade plate number. Motor traders and employees (drivers) can drive any kind of motor vehicle even non-registered vehicle by using specified T-Plate to demonstrate, mechanical test of customer’s vehicle, drive to repair centre or drive from one garage to another garage for motor trading purposes only.

T-Plate shall be used by an insured, authorised person under insured’s employment or insured’s permission.

Named Driver can drive any registered motor vehicle without specified T-Plate for trading purpose.

For more details, please contact with Mr. Robin Brown [Email: robin.brown@navigator-insurance.com, Tel: 2530 2539]

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