Maternity Insurance

Until the Hong Kong arrival in 2019 of AXA's 'Precious Mom and Child Insurance', there was no 'MATERNITY INSURANCE'.. of which we were aware.

And even though AXA now has a product in the market, which we expect will in time have competitors, you will see it does not provide the kind of all round medical care you will need for matters that are not related to pregnancy.

As far as pregnancy insurance is concerned one of the issues often overlooked by people, is the fact that if we are so unfortunate to bear a child with a life time of medical problems, then these costs could easily far exceed the initial birth costs.

Consider for example the issues related to some of the following congenital problems.

  • Anal Atresia
  • Congenital Bilateral Cataract
  • Congenital Bilateral Deafness
  • Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
  • Infantile Hydrocephalus
  • Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Transposition of the Great Vessels
  • Truncus Arteriosus
  • Atrial Septal Defect
  • Ventricular Septal Defect
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Spina Bifida
  • Absence of Two Limbs
  • Cleft Palate
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Bilateral Club Foot
  • Congenital Dislocation of Hip
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity
  • Neonatal Death
  • Tracheoesophageal Fistula and Oesophageal Atresia
  • Conjoined Twins

In Hong Kong routine prenatal, delivery and post natal costs are typically in the region of USD20,000-30,000.

IF there are complications, however, the bill can be easily a multiple of this.

In California USA, IHI danmark 20 years or so ago, reported a highly complex assisted reproduction maternity case, where the bill was of the order of USD20,000,000. (Most medical policies incidentally restrict cover for cases where reproduction is assisted, due to higher risks of complications).

Hospital Maternity Packages

It is not uncommon for doctors and hospitals to offer what they call 'Maternity Packages'. These packages will range in price from around USD2,500 -USD10,000, depending on whether the delivery is normal, whether you are in a shared room and as well, whether you stay for two nights or five!

NOTE that these packages will NOT include your doctors fees nor will they include all the possible medicines and tests and certainly will be of little help if your baby/babies are born prematurely.

See below for a list of some of Hong Kong's popular private hospitals:

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, 1 Nam Fung Path, Wong Chuk Hang, 3153 9000

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, 40 Stubbs Road, Happy Valley and 199 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan, 2835 0523

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, 222 Waterloo Road, 2339 7203

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, 2 Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, 2835 7878

Matilda International Hospital, 41 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak, 2849 0321

St. Paul’s Hospital, 2 Eastern Hospital Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2830 3755

Union Hospital, 18 Fu Kin Street, Tai Wai, Sha Tin, 2608 3222

Waiting Periods

Waiting periods in individual policies (usually waived for group cases) are normally 10 or 12 months, meaning you can not claim for maternity related costs until you have been insured for these periods of time.

An exception to this is that some policies, after the mother has been insured for 3 months, will guarantee cover for the child, even if a maternity option has not been chosen, or if you are already pregnant when you first apply for the insurance.


Apart from questions about whether you can choose your delivery date by having a caesarian, the next most common question we face is sadly, 'What cover is there for voluntary abortion?'

Questions? Contact

Ms Romi Gill - romi.gill@navigator-insurance.com, Tel +852 2530 2530

Comparison of Popular 'Maternity' plans in Hong Kong

The purpose of this comparison is not to give an exhaustive list of the competing plans, but rather, at a high level, show how maternity benefits fit within the overall context of medical insurance.

In the table above, for example, the term 'Full Covered' means that there is cover available within the overall limits of the plan.

'Covered' meantime, means there is some element of cover provided.

For more detailed comparisons and advice, contact Ms Romi Gill - romi.gill@navigtor-insurance.com Tel +852 2530 2530

AXA's 'Precious Mom and Child Insurance' offers a tailored coverage for the expectant mother and the newborn

Product Features

  • Pregnancy Complications Benefit for the Expectant Mother
  • Congenital Illnesses Benefit for the Child
  • Hospital Income Benefit for the Expectant Mother and the Child
  • Death Benefit for the Expectant Mother
  • Childbirth Medical Negligence Benefit
  • Protection for each insured child of multi-parity pregnancy
  • Enjoy Baby Bonus for purchasing subsequent new eligible insurance plans
  • Choices of 2 benefit levels

NOTE: When applying, the expectant mother must be:

  • aged between 18 and 45 years old and
  • pregnant between 7 weeks 0 day and 30 weeks 6 days gestation

and must not have exceeded 32 weeks 6 days gestation when the policy is issued.

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