Mid Market Home Insurance

We term as "Mid market" to those plans that provide a limited flexibility for choose you contents sums insured and provide the option of taking over HKD1m in home contents cover.

AIG's Prestige plan for example, provides 2 options for contents cover to a maximum of

  • HKD1.5m
  • HKD2.5m

The AXA Captain's plan offers a range of cover banded up from HKD250,000 to HKD2.0m and higher on request

AIG Prestige

The key benefits of the different AIG Prestige options are as below:

AIG Prestige - mid market plan Gold Platinum
Maximum Sum Insured HKD1.5m HKD2.5m
Household Contents HKD100,000/item HKD200,000/item
Personal Effects & Valuables HKD300,000 HKD1,000,000
Non-fragile fine arts HKD50,000 HKD1m/ HKD100k per item
Wine and vintage wine HKD5,000/ HKD1500 per item HKD15,000/ HKD1,500 per item
Stamps, coins & collectibles HKD2,000/ HKD800 per item HKD2,000/ HKD800 per item
Camera, furs, silverware, musical instrument HKD100,000/ HKD25,000 per item
HKD500,000/ HKD50,000 per item
Other personal effects & valuables HKD300,000/ HKD25,000 per item


AXA Captain's Home Plan (CHP)

The plan includes:

  • Home contents (compulsory)
  • Personal valuables (optional) Unlike most comparable plans in the market, AXA does not require proof of value for items worth over HKD30,000, but it does ask you to list them. In the event of a loss, you will at that stage need to prove the value of the lost/damaged item.
  • FREE Employees' Compensation cover for any number of helpers
  • FREE liability cover of HKD5m as tenant for legal liability to your landlord including accident breakage of glass in windows, doors, sanitary ware and bathroom fittings or loss caused by escape of water etc.

Apply now for instant cover - AXA does not charge for the balance of a month or the entire succeeding month. Premiums are payable monthly, a recognition both of the convenience of monthly payment. Please refer to the policy for complete details.

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