Commercial General Liability (CGL)

Commercial General Liability (CGL) is a type of policy popular in the US.

A CGL policy provides coverage to a business for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage caused by the business’s operations, products, or injuries that occur on the business’s premises.

It is called 'Commercial' because it is for the purpose of protecting your business and it is called 'General' as it embraces cover for all kinds of potential liability; such as liability to the public, liability to passengers and passers by while driving, liability to employees, liability for injury caused by the products you sell, liability of directors say for wrongful dismissal etc.

In Hong Kong however, the term most commonly refers to 'Product Liability' insurance.

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  1. Absolute Asbestos Exclusion
  2. Cross Liability Clause
  3. Food and Drink Poisoning Clause
  4. 90 Days Premium Payment Warranty
  5. Right of Third Parties Clause
  6. War & Terrorism Exclusion
  7. Data Risk and Cyber Liability Exclusion
  8. Contract Work Activities Exclusion
  9. Molestation Exclusion
  10. Self-Employed Person And Sole Proprietor Exclusion
  11. Professional Liability Exclusion
  12. Sanctioned Territories Exclusion
  13. Lead Exclusion
  14. Silica Exclusion
  15. Genetic Modification Organism Exclusion
  16. Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy Exclusion
  17. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Exclusion
  18. Liquor Liability Exclusion

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